Inclusion Lead School

Newsome High School is a Inclusion Lead school. 

The number one aim of Inclusion Lead is to have more young disabled pupils taking part in competitive sport. Through the School Games and a network of 50 Inclusion Lead schools in England, each selected for their established expertise in engaging young disabled people, schools can improve the quality, and extend the provision, of physical activity for disabled pupils.

Project Ability is delivered as part of the School Games, and includes:

  • bespoke training, developed by the Youth Sport Trust, to provide local advice and guidance to School Games Organisers and host schools;
  • the establishment and implementation of even more local competitive opportunities for young disabled people; and
  • the development of school club activities.



West Yorkshire Disability Leadership Academy

The leadership academy is designed to provide training, support and deployment opportunities for young people with disabilities.

Benefits of Leadership to Young People

  • Develop communication skills
  • Young people become more confident and self assured
  • Equip young people with the desired behaviours and attitudes for the next stage of their life
  • More opportunities for young people led by young people


The first training session on 1st November 2017 provided training for over 40 young people from 6 schools across WY.  The students chose to follow a 1 ½ hour course in 2 of the following sports:

Boccia, Wheelchair basketball, hockey, tennis.

It is hoped that the young people will support or lead sessions in their own school or with younger children as a result of the training.

There will also be opportunities for the young people to assist with level 2 and 3 School Games events in the future.

The next training session will be on 15th November 2018 @ Huddersfield Leisure Centre.


Events for 2018/19 

Date Time Year/KS Event Location
28/09/18 10.00-2.00 All Cerebral Palsy Sport Event Longley TC
10/10/18 10.00-12.00 KS2/3 Kirklees Disability Football Tournament Moorend Academy
18/10/18 4.00-5.30 KS2  Boccia Tournament Dalton School
23/10/18 9.45-11.15 KS2 Inclusive Tennis Tournament Newsome HS
24/10/18     Disability Fun Run/Orienteering Shelley FC
15/11/18 10.00-2.00 KS3-5 WY Disability Leadership Academy Huddersfield LC
23/11/18 9.45-11.15 KS2-5 Kirklees Table Cricket Tournament Newsome HS
7/12/18 9.30-4.30 KS3/4 WY Step into Sport Conference TBC
13/12/18 10.00-12.00 KS3/4 WY Goalball Festival  Huddersfield LC
      Christmas Holidays  
 16/01/19  10.00-12.00  KS3/4  WY Disability Football Tournament  The Zone
 22/01/19  1.00-2.30  U11  Kirklees Boccia Final   Newsome HS
 29/01/19  10.00-2.00  ALL  Kirklees Disability Sports Hall Athletics  Huddersfield LC
 27/02/19  10.00-2.00  KS3-5  WY Disability Leadership Academy  John Charles 
 21/03/19  10.00-11.30  KS2/3  WY Sitting Volleyball Festival Batley Sports Centre
 01/05/19  10.00-2.00  KS2  WY Disability Multi-Sport  John Charles CS
 09/05/19  09.45-11.15  KS3&4  Kirklees Boccia Final  Newsome HS
 03/07/19  09.30.-2.30  Year 4 Spin Special Schools Mission Active  Newsome HS 
09/07/19 10.00-2.00 KS2-4  WY Disability Tennis Festival  Batley Tennis Centre